Understanding engineered hardwood.

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Understanding engineered hardwood

“If you fall, I will be there.” -floor. Your flooring can be a magnificent statement coming into your home. It brings character and life to your environment, so picking the right type is vital.

Teka Hardwood Flooring

Teka Hardwood Flooring

Have you ever been amazed when you visited a historical colonial home and be astonished at how the wood floors are still original and look amazing?

Today’s Tip Tuesday comes from one of our manufactures, Teka Hardwood Flooring. They have a unique technique that gives your flooring more character as time passes. What does that mean? That means, the more scratches and drinks that come at it, the more character it gives your floor without actually looking damaged by little white or discolored spots. So how do they accomplish this? Well, who can say it best than Teka themselves:

“With our carbonizing / fuming treatments we have the benefit that the color is not a stain sitting on top, but our heat treatment changes the structure of the wood, making it dark brown (carbonized) or black (fumed) going through the entire face layer. In case you scratch your floor, no lighter color will come through.

Although these technical differences may not be visible to the naked eye upon making your decision to purchase, they may have huge impact later on down the road. Wood is a natural product and is always fighting to go back to it’s circular original form. It is important to know and understand the characteristics of wood and use the best methods and technologies available on the market to ensure you have a higher quality product.”

Isn’t that amazing? No matter what casserole dish, cup from your 6 year old, or what your adorable doggie can do by skidding across the floor because someone is playing fetch in the house, Teka engineered hardwood can stand up to it; giving your flooring more character and memories to share.

Join us next week for our next Tip Tuesday: The characteristics of engineered wood.

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