Shipping Policy

We deliver to all areas of Florida. If you are unsure if you live within our shipping area, contact us. When flooring is delivered, the purchaser is responsible for unloading it from the truck. Truck drivers will not unload any products, carry them to the driveway, or bring them inside the house. Interiors Associates of Florida advises that at least two able-bodied people unload the product and take it into the house. Interiors Associates of Florida and the freight company are not responsible for any injuries incurred while unloading the product. Interiors Associates of Florida recommends using a licensed, professional flooring installer and is not responsible or liable for damages resulting from errors, misuse, or negligence by the customer or the installer. Interiors Associates of Florida does not install any products.


Delivery dates are estimates. We cannot guarantee a specific time for delivery and recommend that customers wait until the product has been delivered to schedule installation. Interiors Associates of Florida is not responsible for any additional charges incurred by the customer for a delay in contracted starting time.

Upon delivery, inspect your order by ensuring the correct number of boxes was delivered and the model/item number matches the number on your invoice. If you believe there has been a mistake, contact Interiors Associates of Florida immediately.


Damaged, broken, scratched, wrinkled, or torn packaging does not necessarily indicate a damaged product.Interiors Associates of Florida asks customers to inspect the product before deciding if it has been damaged during shipping. Upon inspecting the product, please note if any flooring has been broken, scratched, dented, not delivered, or damaged in any way. Damage in excess of 10% of the product is considered freight damage. If your flooring has been damaged during the process of shipping, contact Interiors Associates of Florida immediately so that a claim can be filed against the freight company. Do not dispose of damaged products in any way, unless told to do so by Interiors Associates of Florida.


Products are heavy and large, so the purchaser should use safe lifting techniques and a minimum of two able-bodied people to take products off the truck and into the house. Interiors Associates of Florida and the freight company will not unload the truck, and neither parties are responsible for any injuries incurred while moving the product. Products can exceed a vehicle’s load capacity. Improper loading, unloading, and transporting of products can result in serious injury, vehicle damage, interference with driving, decreased vehicle stability, and/or product falling from vehicle.

The purchaser is responsible for loading and securing the product in/on a vehicle, safe transportation, and unloading of product at the end destination. The purchaser acknowledges that loading, unloading, and transporting product may result in damage to vehicles such as dents, scratches, broken windows or lights, etc. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring vehicle capacity is not exceeded and load is properly distributed and secured to prevent movement.