The main difference is that LVT-WPC is waterproof and can go over most subfloors without much preparation. Traditional vinyl floors are flexible and any unevenness in the subfloor will transfer through the surface. Compared to traditional glue-down LVT or solid-locking LVT, LVT-WPC products have a distinct advantage because the rigid core hides subfloor imperfections. In addition, the rigid core allows for longer and wider formats. With LVT-WPC, it is not necessary to worry about the preparation LVT would require for use over cracks and divots in concrete or wooden subfloors.

LVT-WPC flooring is strong on the top, but soft on the feet – maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. One of the main attractions of LVT-WPC flooring is its waterproof design – making it a viable option for kitchens and other high-traffic areas where spills may occur on accident. There are many other benefits offered by LVT-WPC floors.

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