I have a circus that lives in my home!

Nichole LopezMonday Minutes

I have a circus that lives in my home!

Who hasn’t had something that would seem like a circus that lived in your house at some given point in time? Perhaps you are experiencing that right now. Regardless if you have or haven’t, I think you can relate to what we mean by it; your floors need to be able to withstand anything that it comes in contact with it.

What we have for you today are options to consider when selecting a floor for those “circus” like times. Think of flooring like this: you have the ultimate durability (tile) to cozy comfort (carpet). Today, we’re giving you a spectrum of flooring options that go between these two types of flooring.



Now that you see what is out there and where it falls into durability and comfort levels, let’s give you a little clarity to a few of these options. Let’s look at tile; with new developments in grout, tile has become less of a hassle. Who has heard of or experienced grout stains? Well, with new developments, there are now premixes and epoxy grout that are stain resistant. Now, that doesn’t mean that stains will never get into the grout, that simply means that the grout is not as easily stainable as it once was before. Pretty amazing, right?

“You mentioned SPC and WPC flooring. What do those stand for?”

SPC is Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite

WPC is Wood Plastic Composite

Want to know more about the other flooring types? Then join us for our Tip Tuesdays where we will take each one of these types of flooring and go into a little more depth on what they are and what types of living spaces they are good in.

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