Experience why you are worth it?

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Experience why you are worth it?

Worth is being important enough to invest time and energy into something and someone. We are here to be your advocate for all your remodeling wants and needs to make your home the place you never want to leave.

With our authentic craftsmanship, be assured that you will have full support with your investment. We are here to build and establish long-term relationships with our customers and associates by incorporating our four business principles: education, community, trust, and craftsmanship. So, instead of telling you about us and our experience, let us prove ourselves to you and why you are worth it.

So why use a sand dollar?

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Our logo’s design, utilizing the sand dollar, has a beautiful and unforgettable legend behind it; which is why each of the five petaloid represents something priceless to us: education, practice, evaluation, technique, and signature, and each of these combined plays an integral part to our craftsmanship.

Found at, https://www.qualityshells.com/legend-of-the-sand-dollar/ we give you;

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

There’s a lovely little legend

that I would like to tell,

of the birth and death of Jesus,

found in this lowly shell.


If you examine closely,

you’ll see that you find here,

four nail holes and a fifth one,

made by a Roman’s spear.


On one side the Easter lily,

its center is the star,

that appeared unto the shepherds

and led them from afar.


The Christmas Poinsettia

etched on the other side,

reminds us of His birthday,

our happy Christmastide.


Now break the center open,

and here you will release,

the five white doves awaiting,

to spread Good Will and Peace.


This simple little symbol,

Christ left for you and me,

to help us spread His Gospel,

through all Eternity.

Author Unknown