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Our blog consists of posts on a variety of topics and will be extremely helpful when purchasing or maintaining your floors & cabinetry. There are many opinions and lots to learn about flooring & cabinetry; the blog will teach you new information, as well as refine ideas that already exist.

I have a circus that lives in my home! Who hasn’t had something that would seem like a circus that lived in your house at some given point in time? Perhaps you are experiencing that right now. Regardless if you have or haven’t, I think you can relate to what we mean by it; your floors - Continue Reading
What to consider for your specific home? As Floridians begin to welcome back the snowbirds, not the ones with feathers, but our friends from up North; they are thinking about their second home here in sunny Florida waiting to dip their feet in the pool and relax, “but what will I come back to?” That could - Continue Reading
How much did price come into play? Welcome back to our Monday Minute, How do you choose the right flooring? Last week we gave you options to consider when selecting the right flooring. One of those options that ranked high on everyone’s lists was cost. Understandable, but let us ask you this, how much did price - Continue Reading
Understanding engineered hardwood “If you fall, I will be there.” -floor. Your flooring can be a magnificent statement coming into your home. It brings character and life to your environment, so picking the right type is vital. Have you ever been amazed when you visited a historical colonial home and be astonished at how the wood floors - Continue Reading
Selecting the right flooring for you! “I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel--packing my bags and choosing my outfits--but my favorite part is getting there.” Why not have the same thought when it comes to remodeling your home? Isn’t your home a place of serenity to you? Your escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? - Continue Reading

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