What does it mean to experience why you are worth it?

Worth is being important enough to invest time and energy into something and someone. At Interiors Associates of Florida, we supply clients with interior and new construction remodeling products that will give them a space they’ll love and enjoy spending time in for years to come.

We are here to build and establish long-term relationships with our clients by incorporating our four business principles: education, community, trust, and craftsmanship. We welcome our community and invite you to visit our showroom so you can experience why you are worth it.

Trust & Relationship Building

Building relationships are more important to us than selling our product. There was a time when you could walk into the local store and you knew their family and they knew yours. You shook hands and the deal was set in stone. The handshake deal was a binding contract. To build upon this now, we operate as a team to help each other grow and to give you the experience and customer service of worth and value. There is no one like you and there never will be. You are valuable, so why not treat yourself as such?

Product Selection

Like Shrek being an Ogre and having layers like an onion, you can think of our product selection guide the same way. There are many parts to selecting the right and perfect product for your home or office space. We utilize a system to assist us in identifying what you want and need. This is a delicate process and it does take time. We want to reduce buyer’s remorse and show you that you are worth our time and efforts.


It is imperative from start to finish that everything goes as smoothly as possible, which is why we use a project manager to not only inform you of the installation process, but is also there to coordinate schedules with the installers. This process includes pre-installation, installation, and the completion of installation.


To ensure the quality of installation, we inspect every job with strict guidelines and a checklist ensuring that all manufacturer, trade association, and legal requirements are met. Detailed contracts are signed with the installation contractors, along with full documentation that includes pictures with every job.


Our job does not end when the installation is over. We provide a one-year maintenance package at no cost. This package is based upon the product and project.  Details of this package will be discussed with you. In most cases, the package will include a professional cleaning of the product and a performance evaluation.


Ricardo Gonzales says that “quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless,” so why settle for something when you can get what you deserve because you are worth it. Our craftsmanship and quality come together to give you the in-home atmosphere that you have longed for and deserve. The sand dollar that is represented has a beautiful and unforgettable legend behind it, which is why each of the five petaloids represents something priceless to us: education, practice, evaluation, technique, and signature, and each of these combined plays an integral part to our craftsmanship.

It is vital to learn the right way to install based on industry standards.

Developing one’s skills.

We strive to have self-evaluations and personal development in order to continually do a better job and search for new ideas and concepts.

Perfecting one’s craft.

A job completed is like a piece of artwork. We want to have integrity and pride in what we do. It is as though we are signing our piece of artwork.


“When you know better, you do better,” stated Maya Angelou. Indeed, once you have the correct information, you can make a more accurate and sound decision to meet your interior remodeling wants and needs, which is why we focus on two main purposes of education. The first is for us to give you the pertinent information of making a decision on your purchase. This is done via social media, blogs, flyers, and training events on installation demonstrations opened to the public. All information given is the manufacture and trade associations, and abides the laws and regulations. Our second purpose is to continue our education by attending relevant industry conferences to see the latest trends and installation techniques, and work on certifications in our industry.


“ A part and apart are not the same thing. You want your hand to be a part of you. Not apart from you,” – author unknown. With a combined team effort from our sales agents, installers, and local businesses, we are here to be a part of the community by giving to it and not taking away from it. Our goal is to give each member respect, value, and a sense of worth. This will translate into the craftsmanship of our projects so that you experience why you are worth it.

We want you to be satisfied with your investment and enjoy it for years to come. With all that we do from providing you with education on multiple interior products on our social media and public events, building relationships, finding your product for your home and helping you maintain it, we are here for you so that you can discover why you are worth it to us.

Experience why you are worth it