About Us

As a dual-veteran owned business, we take our Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment to heart and project that into our business ethics. As former Hospital Corpsman, we also abide by the Hippocratic oath ” to do no harm”. In our business, that means our clients and community members will be educated on their products and we will make certain that their needs and wants are being met during and after the remodeling process. It is these values that separate us from most and give us the strength to provide the best quality products and service from our team and us.

Fine Products for New & Older Living Spaces

We want you to be satisfied with your investment and enjoy it for years to come, so we accomplish this by providing you with education on your product(s). We also provide education through our social media platforms and public educational events on the vast variety of interior and exterior remodeling products that we provide at our showroom.

Ricardo Gonzales says that “quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless,”  and at Interiors Associates we give our clients QUALITY. Our team members are committed to finding the perfect product for your inspired space that not only gives you what you need, but what you want.